Social Justice Matters

57. SJI Seminars Ep17: A New Social Dialogue - Panel Speakers

January 14, 2021

Social dialogue and social partnership, in various forms, are common across Europe’s most successful economies and can play an important role in creating a fair and sustainable economic recovery here in Ireland.

At a national level a new structure for Social Dialogue is required where issues may be discussed in a deliberative manner. Any proposal for Social Dialogue should involve Government, trade unions and employers, the community and voluntary sector, as well as farmers and environmental groups. Any structure for Social Dialogue that excludes any of these groups would be a recipe for ensuring that
most of Ireland’s resources would be captured by those participating in the discussion. Such an approach would simply lead to deepening divisions and growing inequality in Ireland.

In this episode, we look back to our Annual Social Policy Conference 2020 and hear from our panel on the need for a new Social Dialogue. Speakers include Danny McCoy of IBEC, Patricia King of ICTU, Damian McDonald of the IFA, Karen Ciesielski of the IEN and Seán Healy of Social Justice Ireland.

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