Social Justice Matters

84. SJI Interviews Ep48. Education and Covid-19

July 15, 2021

Social Justice Ireland published Social Justice Matters Policy Brief - Education and Covid-19.  These Policy Briefs are a series designed to provide independent and in-depth analysis on important social policy issues and to present policy options that should be prioritised in the coming years.  This issue looks at the impact of Covid-19 on education at primary level and second level in Ireland. 

In this episode, to coincide with World Youth Skills Day, Michelle Murphy and Susanne Rogers, Research and Policy Analysts with SJI discuss the findings and policy proposals set out within the brief, which can be accessed HERE.

In other news, we are delighted that Social Justice Matters has been recognised by FeedSpot as one of the 20 social justice podcasts you should be following in 2021. Check out the list here:

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