Social Justice Matters

79. SJI Interview Series Ep45. 10 Point Plan to deliver Housing for All.

June 10, 2021

Social Justice Ireland  submitted our 10 Point Plan to deliver Housing for Allas part of the Government's anticipated new housing strategy. Our proposals move away from housing as a commodity towards housing as a home, addressing deficits in homelessness prevention and supports; necessary increases in social housing provision; affordable housing; strengthening the private rented sector; and ensuring that housing developments are providing for sustainable communities. 

In this episode, Colette Bennett, Economic and Social Analyst and Susanne Rogers, Research and Policy Analyst with SJI discuss the plan, exploring the data and reasoning behind the plan. 

In other news, we are delighted that Social Justice Matters has been recognised by FeedSpot as one of the 20 social justice podcasts you should be following in 2021. Check out the list here:

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