Social Justice Matters

126. SJI Interviews Ep 77: Music Industry and Climate Action with Karla Rogožar, IMPALA.

June 16, 2022

This week's episode is a conversation between Susanne Roger and Karla Rogožar. Karla is the Project Assistant at IMPALA, the Independent Music Companies Association, representing nearly 6000 music companies across Europe. Karla is the coordinator of IMPALA’s sustainability task force and climate analysis group, gathered under a 15-point charter that the organisation released in early 2021. IMPALA also has a sustainability programme with voluntary targets for members, find out more about it here and discover more about their carbon calculator made with Julie’s Bicycle (the first bespoke tool in the sector) here. They chat about IMPALA, the 15 point climate charter, the vinyl resurgence and climate action for the music industry. 

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